Healthy Direction at Shop N Save
717 Vandalia St.
Collinsville, IL
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
​Memorial Hospital's wellness vehicle, Healthy Direction, will be at Shop N Save in Collinsville to provide mammograms to eligible women.
Screening mammograms, like the one offered on Healthy Direction, can be provided without a doctor's referral if the following criteria are met:
Age 40 years and older
No mammogram in the past 12 months.
No signs of symptoms of breast cancer (such as lumps or dimpling)
No breast implants
No history of breast cancer
No current pregnancy
Must have a primary care physician
Patients must have insurance.
We do not accept Medicaid on Healthy Direction. Contact your insurance provider to ensure eligibility. 
Please call Megan at (618) 257-5765 to schedule a mammogram. On the day of your mammogram, bring proof of insurance, one form of identification, and your primary care physician's full name, office address and phone number.
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