Prepared Childbirth Class
Memorial Hospital Auditorium
6:30 PM
9:15 PM

This is class 1 of 3.

​Our Prepared Childbirth Class is designed to assist our parents-to-be in the journey through pregnancy and birth. Information on pregnancy changes, both physical and emotional, options for labor and delivery, and aftercare for mom, coach, and baby are included. Participation of both partners is encouraged and helps make this class beneficial and meaningful. Family-centered care is the focus throughout the class.

All participants are automatically enrolled in our Special Delivery Program and are able to take full advantage of its benefits.
Participants are encouraged to register before the fifth month of pregnancy and attendance is limited to those delivering at Memorial.
Please note: Weeknight classes are a SET OF THREE.
There is a $15 per couple fee.
To register, click here or call (618) 257-4173.
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