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​A digital mammogram uses a computer rather than X-ray film to create a digital image of breast tissue that can be viewed on a computer screen or printed to resemble traditional mammograms.

​Preparing for your mammogram

On the day of your mammogram, you should not use talcum powder, perfume, or deodorant, and we recommend that you wear a comfortable two-piece garment. You may take any medication you normally take.

What to expect

After you arrive at your appointment, you will be directed to a private dressing area. There you will undress above the waist and put on a gown.

When it’s time for your mammogram, a female technologist will position you in front of the mammography unit. Your breast will be compressed gently between two pieces of plastic. We provide every woman with MammoPad®—a soft, foam pad that creates a cushion between you and the mammography machine.

To lessen any discomfort, it is recommended that you not consume caffeine for two weeks prior to your mammogram appointment.

Compression is necessary to spread the tissue and allow better detection at the lowest radiation dosage.

After your images have been confirmed by the technologist, you will be able to get dressed and return to your regular activities.

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