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​A biopsy is a procedure performed by a physician to remove samples of abnormal tissue or lesions located in the breast.

​What to expect

During a Mammotome-guided biopsy, two technicians assist the physician. One technician images the breast area to guide the physician, while the other takes care of all the other incidentals during the procedure.

Generally the physician will administer a topical anesthetic to provide for the patients comfort. He will then make an incision about the size of a match head. The physician will insert a small probe (vacuum device) into the incision. A vacuum is used to gently draw, cut, and collect tissue into the probe’s hollow chamber.

This technique enables several tissue samples to be obtained without removing and reinserting the probe. This results in less internal scarring than an open surgical or core needle biopsy. Once the samples are obtained and the probe is removed, one of the technicians will hold pressure to the area for a short time. 

The procedure generally takes about one hour to perform. The samples obtained are reviewed by the Pathology Department. You will be discharged with a very small dressing.
After the procedure you will have a short recovery time. We will send you home with a list of instructions regarding ice pack application and dressing change, if necessary. Someone will phone you the day after your procedure to make sure you are not having any problems and to answer any questions you may have.
The Breast Health Center of Excellence at Memorial can perform Mammotome-guided breast biopsies, which some patients have said is less stressful than surgical biopsy. memorial hospital, belleville, breast health, biopsy, mammotome, mammotome guided biopsy

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