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​The American Cancer Society recommends that all 74 million Americans over age 50 be screened annually for colon cancer. In reality, estimates show that only about 13 million people actually are screened each year.

Are you one of the 61 million people who have not had a colon cancer screening? Tens of thousands of people die of colon cancer each year. Most of these deaths could have been prevented through screening and early diagnosis. However, most people won't get a colonoscopy because they are uncomfortable with the procedure.

Memorial now offers one of the latest screening tools using computerized tomography (CT) scans. CT colonography provides a less-invasive, efficient evaluation that could improve patient compliance for earlier screening.

A physician referral is not necessary, but it is recommended. For more information about this new screening exam, call (618) 257-5676. To schedule an appointment, call (618) 257-5000.

Memorial Hospital offers colon cancer screenings through the CT colonography, a less-invasive test than the traditional colonoscopy. memorial hospital, radiology, colonoscopy, colon cancer, colon cancer screenings, colonography

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