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​Due to the construction of some MRI scanners, they can be potentially unpleasant to lie in. Older models of closed-bore MRI systems feature a fairly long tube or tunnel. The part of the body being imaged must lie at the center of the magnet, which is at the absolute center of the tunnel. Because scan times on these scanners may be long (occasionally up to 40 minutes for the entire procedure), people with even mild claustrophobia are sometimes unable to tolerate an MRI scan. Modern scanners, often referred to as open MRIs, have larger bores (up to 70 cm) and provide shorter scan times. Through use of open MRI scanners, claustrophobia becomes less of an issue, and many patients find MRI to be an easily tolerated procedure.

Memorial Hospital offers open concept MRIs for patients who may suffer from claustrophobia. memorial hospital, radiology, open mri, mri, open concept mri

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