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Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Focused on the foundations of family-centered care

‚ÄčA family-centered childbirth and parent education program emphasizes wellness, information for all family members, health enhancement, and family autonomy, which are all foundations of family-centered care.

Special Delivery Program

Our Special Delivery Program is designed to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your birth experience. By enrolling in the free program, you will receive several program benefits:

  • Informative newsletter at your home to give you tips on pregnancy, preparing for a new baby, and labor/delivery
  • Opportunity for a private one-on-one consultation with our Special Delivery Nurse. She will contact you during the third trimester of your pregnancy to schedule your appointment. During this visit, she will do a pre-admission review of your medical history and work with you in developing a plan for your birth.

For more information or to register for Memorial’s Special Delivery Program, call The Family Care Birthing Center at (618) 257-4826 or (618) 257-6800 Extension 5853 and leave a message. Our Special Delivery Nurse will return your call at her earliest convenience.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding provides your baby with a strong nutritional start and helps with emotional development. Breast milk is an easily digested, perfectly matched nutrition source filled with antibodies that protect against infection. Breastfeeding also promotes bonding and contributes to a special, loving relationship with your newborn.

Some mothers find breastfeeding more difficult than they expected. However, most difficulties can be overcome with instruction and guidance.

The lactation consultants at The Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial are a resource for all mothers who choose to breastfeed. The certified lactation consultants provide education and support for a successful breastfeeding experience and are available to provide one-on-one care for mothers during their hospital stay as well as private sessions after delivery.

There is no fee for mothers who are delivering at Memorial. Call (618) 257-4826 to talk with a certified lactation consultant. An appointment is necessary.

The Family Care Birthing Center offers monthly breastfeeding classes for expectant mothers, which is taught by certified lactation consultants. The class reviews breastfeeding techniques and is ideal for new mothers or as a refresher course. If you are considering breastfeeding or have chosen to breastfeed your baby, this class will provide information, encouragement, and support for a successful breastfeeding experience. There is a fee per couple. Both parents are encouraged to attend. Visit our Events Calendar or call (618) 257-4826 for class dates.

Caesarean birth education

A review of caesarean birth is an option available to you. One of our experienced labor nurses will meet with you one-on-one to discuss caesarean birth. For an appointment, call (618) 257-5853.

The Family Care Birthing Center

4500 Memorial Drive
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Special Delivery Newsletter

Special Delivery Newsletter

This is a newsletter for parents and parents-to-be from The Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial.

Obstetrics/Birthing Classes

From Understanding Birth to Better Breastfeeding, we have the class for you!

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