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The Memorial Network has been more than 56 years in the making, and it’s an ever-evolving plan for better healthcare right here—in your community.

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    Coming in 2016! This 94-bed hospital will have private patient suites, ICU, cardiac cath lab, surgical suites, and an obstetrics unit.


Memorial Medical Group is a physician-directed, community-wide organization, committed to improving the health of its patients.

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Memorial Foundation raises funds and enhances community support to assist Memorial in providing providing exceptional healthcare.

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Memorial offers employment in a patient-centered environment where dedicated staff work together to serve our communities.

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Special Instructions for Children

Special Instructions for Children

Reassuring you and your child

​At the Memorial Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center, we work hard to meet the special needs of children and create a relaxed, comfortable environment. It is important for us to work as a team in providing the best possible medical care and psychological preparation for your child. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions.

Your child will have many questions and concerns about surgery. Reassure your child as much as possible. Children’s concerns are very real and should be answered as honestly and simply as possible.

Many families find it difficult to talk to their child about an upcoming surgery. We suggest that you give your child honest, age-appropriate information, rather than leave them to worry or be caught off guard.

Involve your child in preparations, such as shopping for popsicles or packing a few favorite toys to take to the hospital. Using a toy doctor’s kit or drawing pictures of the hospital can help your child express some of their thoughts.

Night before surgery

Be sure your child has a well-balanced dinner the night before surgery. Provide plenty to eat and drink just before the food and drink cut-off time specified by your doctor.

After the cut-off time, be sure that your child has absolutely nothing to eat or drink—not even hard candy, gum, water, or ice. For your child’s safety, it is important that the stomach is completely empty prior to the induction of anesthesia. Serious complications could arise with even small amounts of food or water in the stomach. Because children forget and may help themselves to food, they will need to be closely watched. If your child accidentally eats or drinks anything after the cut-off time, you must notify the nursing staff so that proper precautions can be taken.

It is important that your child get plenty of rest before surgery. Try to keep activities low key. Be sure your child bathes and washes their hair. Your child should use freshly laundered towels and pajamas. They should also sleep on clean sheets. This reduces the chances of post-operative infection and helps your child feel better while recovering.

The day of surgery

Sometimes parents are reluctant to eat when their child cannot, but in order to handle the day’s activities and attend to your child’s needs, you will need energy. We suggest you eat a nutritious meal before waking your child.

  • Brush your child’s teeth, but do not allow them to swallow any water.
  • Your child should wear loose, freshly laundered, and comfortable fitting clothes.
  • Leave all jewelry at home.
  • Your child’s nurse will explain the preparation process and ask you for some health information.
  • Please plan to spend most of the day at the hospital.
  • Your child should take only those medications as instructed with a sip of water in the morning. Diabetic medications should NOT be taken the morning of surgery, unless instructed by the surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  • Surgery times are approximate and may be earlier or later depending on the entire surgery schedule.

Parents/guardians will be with the child at all times before going into the operating room. A parent or guardian must stay at the hospital while surgery is being performed. In addition, parents or guardians must wait in the surgery waiting room at all times during and after surgery. If you must leave this area, even for a minute, please tell the receptionist where you will be.

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4500 Memorial Drive
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