Billing and Financial Information

Billing and Financial Information

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Point of Service Financial Counseling and Payment

Some payments may be required from you at the time services are provided, including:

  • Insurance deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Payment for services not covered by insurance

Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance to eligible patients without sufficient resources to pay for their hospital charges. Click here for a translation of this information.

To determine eligibility, patients must:

For more information, you can contact Memorial's Patient Access and Financial Services Department at (866) 273-1994 or download and print the Financial Assistance Application. To read our policy on Financial Assistance, click here.

Some doctors and providers are affiliated with Memorial, but do not offer financial assistance under our guidelines. Click here for a listing of providers at Memorial Hospital Belleville who are not included in Memorial's Finanical Assistance Policy. Click here for a listing of providers at Memorial Hospital East who are not included in Memorial's Finanical Assistance Policy.

Collection Policy

When you are responsible for portions of your bill such as insurance co-payments and deductibles or for balances remaining after financial assistance approval, we can work with you on payment arrangements. If these payments are not made and you do not contact us, we may use the services of a third-party agency to follow up with you on collection of the payment. Understand what this could mean for you and download the Collection Policy here.

Amounts Generally Billed

If you qualify for finanical assistance, Memorial cannot charge you more then the amounts generally billed to individuals with health insurance. Click here to learn more about how amounts generally billed are calculated to ensure you are not being charged more than a ptient with insurance coverage.

Information About Your Hospital Charges

The public may view a printed copy of Memorial Hospital's charge master at the Patient Access and Financial Services Department, located at 4500 Memorial Drive, Belleville, Illinois, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. At Memorial Hospital East, patients can obtain this information at the Cashier's Office, located on the first floor.

Recognizing that the hospital charge master is a lengthy and complex document, a designated representative from Patient Access and Financial Services will be available during these hours to assist the public. Hospital charges are the amounts before any discounts.

Patients interested in determining their financial responsibility can contact their health insurance plan for information on out-of-pocket costs for services as well as the Memorial Hospital Patient Access and Financial Services Department at (866) 273-1994 for specific price estimates and assistance. This amount is typically less than hospital charges due to discounts based on health insurance, financial assistance, prompt pay, and uninsured discounts.